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Recording: Diving into Teletherapy: 3-hour Interactive Workshop for Individual SLPs

Recording: Diving into Teletherapy: 3-hour Interactive Workshop for Individual SLPs

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For individual SLPs:

As we prepare for an extended period of distance learning due to the 2020 Pandemic, speech-language pathologists need to increase the number of tools in their teletherapy toolboxes.  Teletherapy is an evidence-based service delivery model that allows clients and therapists to interact in a fun and engaging way, while targeting specific speech and language goals. This interactive training will provide SLPs with more ideas for how to engage a diverse population of students based on their individual therapy needs and goals. Several opportunities to interact/participate with the presenter and the teletherapy activities will be provided. There will be time for questions throughout.

Learning Outcomes for 3-hour Workshop

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss teletherapy workspace design and technology considerations
  2. Explain the ways in which one can use Zoom and Google Meet as speech and language teletherapy platforms
  3. Discuss specific ways to engage students in teletherapy using various digital materials (including Boom cards, interactive PDFs, digital whiteboards, News2You, and everydayspeech.com, education.com, among others) to meet specific goals (in the areas of articulation, language, pragmatics)
  4. Implement several different strategies for working with students in small groups via teletherapy
  5. Discuss ways to choose and adapt appropriate materials for students with special considerations (autism, visual and auditory impairments) 


  • 3-hour interactive workshop via Zoom for SLPs that includes time for participants to use breakout rooms in order to experiment with different teletherapy activities and features. The presenter will drop in on the breakout rooms to provide help and answer questions.

About the Speaker:

Amanda Blackwell, SLPD, CCC-SLP

            After serving for a year as a volunteer speech-language pathologist at an orphanage in Guatemala in 2013, Amanda Blackwell has been living and working full-time in the country for 7 years. She founded DIGNA International, a non-profit vocational training program for adults with disabilities which helped several Champions secure dignified, fair-wage employment in their communities. Amanda completed a clinical doctorate in speech-language pathology and started the official professional association for local Guatemalan speech therapists (SomosTLgt), which has grown to more than 300 members over the past year and provides frequent continuing education opportunities. In January 2020, she began working toward a Doctor of Education degree at Murray State University with the goal of opening a university for allied health professions in Guatemala to improve the quality of services across the country. She currently directs the speech therapy departments at FUNDAL (for individuals with deafblindness and multiple disabilities) and the Guatemalan Association of Down Syndrome in Guatemala City, provides teletherapy services for public school students in the United States, runs an autism education project for Spanish speakers called LUNA Autismo, and volunteers her services wherever she feels called to do so.